Our company

Our company Santiago Pons was founded in 1971, and we made the wholesale of electrical appliances and lighting our specialty.

A few years later, in 1979, driven by our dynamic spirit and desire for growth, we became a pioneer and a benchmark company in the import and export of household goods, gifts and decoration.

However, we, at Santiago Pons, wanted a change, and, based on our experience and nonconformist approach to business, we added the first furniture collections to our catalogue in 2000. Since we needed a larger area for such endeavours, we acquired new facilities in Paterna, our current location.

In addition, we started our journey in e-commerce creating new sales channels via our website.

Today, almost half a century later, we continue to expand our catalogue to offer our customers the latest innovations and trends in indoor and outdoor furniture. We adapt to all tastes, so you will find several furniture styles such as industrial, colonial or vintage as well as a wide range of decorative items, household goods and textiles of the best quality, always making a difference in the interior design world.

Long standing experience

We are backed by a 50-year track record, throughout which we have always sought a balance between design and quality in our products and services.

At our company, Santiago Pons, we want to emphasise the reliability and hard work of each of our suppliers, both domestic and international ones, and their involvement and efforts so that we can continue in this line of constant evolution, offering the highest quality at the most competitive prices.

As a result of this evolution, we acquired our current facilities: More than 8000m2 to store a stock that ensures the shipment of our customers' orders in less than 72h to anywhere in Europe.

We consider ourselves an energetic and avant-garde company, with a team of people that is constantly absorbing new knowledge to ensure the best results while at the same time complying with environmental standards.

Latest trends

Among the products offered by Santiago Pons, you will find the latest trends with a great variety of furniture collections of all styles: Industrial, colonial, vintage or contemporary modern furniture. You will be able to create avant-garde spaces making your selection of all the necessary decoration, incorporating textile products, pictures of different sizes and styles, household goods or furniture, and accessories for your garden. Our specialised staff will advise you and help you find those innovations that will create the most versatile and exceptional environments.

Forward looking approach

Santiago Pons is a family business, whose essence and drive is to continue with the legacy of its founder, with a great ability to adapt and get involved in forging the future, with a focus on the digital world, opened to new technologies and social networks to position our products at the top of the international market.

An ally

Santiago Pons is the ally you need to grow and position yourself as a sales leader. Do not hesitate to contact us to achieve your goals.